Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd

About Us

Since founded in 2003, Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd has continued to focus on research and development, design & manufacturer electronic components. Our main products: Customize voice coils, 1 to 3mm diameter miniature voice coils, inductor coils, self-bonding coils & wet-winding air-core coils, Bobbin coils, hearing AIDS coils, antenna coils, coil of RFID, sensor coil and plastics parts, all kinds of electronic components, various types of high-frequency transformers, filters, inductors, providing customers with high quality products and wholehearted service. Along with technological development and the demand of diverse markets, in order to satisfy the needs of customers in all industries, the company continue to technology innovation and invest the equipment with a professional, automatic and high precision. At the same time, it has introduced the advanced management system of LEAN to improve management technique and create the valuable and competitive products. Year 2003 Establish Golden Eagle Coil & Plastic Ltd. Year 2005 Establish manufacturing facility in Huangjiang Town , Dongguan City.(2000 SQM) Year 2006 Move to new manufacturing facility in Dongguan –Qishi Town(4100 SQM) Major Products: Miniature Voice Coil , Bobbin Coil , Hearing Aid Coil ,Sensor C
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